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Lately, it seems I've been writing a lot on what I think the SCA is, or should be. Several posts have been on G+, and I'm thinking of aggregating them here.

Not that I'm an expert on all things SCA, far from it. But I have been playing since '95, so it's not just a passing fancy, either.

Much of what I've written boils down to respect. Here's a sampling of my view:
  • Everyone was new at some point. There's no reason to treat someone poorly because they have a lack of knowledge. You too had a lack of knowledge, so don't get haughty.
    • There may only be one official chatelaine for each group, but each of us should be friendly and welcoming to new people.

  • The SCA is an educational society.
    • Teaching others is an excellent way to learn a subject more intimately.
    • Teaching is not about ego.
    • Teaching is a learned skill. Having knowledge does not a teacher make. Sometimes a person (A) with less knowledge in a particular subject is a better teacher than a person (B) who has more knowledge in that subject, because A is better able to break down the process into easy steps.
    • If you attend a class about which you have some knowledge, remember to treat every person in the class with respect. You may not agree with everything they have to say, and you may have references to back up your position, but there are ways to discuss things without being rude. And it is never okay to take over someone else's class. If you have issue with their methods, sources, etc., speak with them after class. Or better yet, teach your own class, with your own sources.
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