Nov. 5th, 2008

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My day started with b'fast at McD's w/ R, before spending about 1.5hrs queueing in an elementary school to vote. On the way home, I called my dad and we had a nice talk (his wait was approx 8 minutes - the difference between Dale, IN and Wheaton, MD). Then I rushed to work, which was pretty much a blur (as it was my first day back after a long weekend, and everyone was hyped about the election). I came home, got updates from R, put in pizza for supper, and we watched Ghost Hunters on (for some reason's episode player was borked).

As per usual, shortly after eating supper, I dozed off, and when I woke up, R told me McCain had conceded. It took a bit to sink in, so I read through a few LJ posts on my f-list, and was disheartened to read a few entries already tearing Obama down -- before he's had a chance to take office.

Eight years ago I was not a Bush supporter, despite living in a historically red state. This likely doesn't surprise anyone. However, I was willing to wait and see how he'd handle his new office before weighing in. I ask only that those people who supported a candidate other than Obama afford him the same respect.

I fully expect Obama will make mistakes. I have difficulty believing he will lay waste to as many parts and policies of this country that I hold dear as Bush has done during his tenure. I also doubt I'll agree with every choice Obama makes. But I'm not in his shoes, facing the decisions he'll have to face. He has a huge job to do, and I think he's up for it.

We watched McCain's concession speech on YouTube, and something happened that I hadn't expected. I got a little choked up, and my respect for McCain grew. He was gracious, he was respectful toward Obama, and he tried to quiet the people in the crowds who acted rudely. They may have thought they were being true supporters of the McCain campaign with their behavior, but I found them coarse and uncouth -- they were shouting over the words of the man they claimed to adore, and how is that proper behavior?

Perhaps McCain just has a great speech writer, and those are just words. I hope not. I hope he truly means them. I wish we'd seen more of this side during the campaign... but then again, if he'd done less mud-slinging we might have been facing a far different future than we are tonight. So perhaps it's best we only saw the "softer side" after he'd lost the election.

Whatever candidate you supported, all of us in this country have a responsibility to work to make this a better place. We won't do that by tearing each other down.


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