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Since my return from Indiana, I've decided to focus on the positive. What's past is past, and karma's a bitch, so I'll spend my energy on what I can control (my own actions) and let the rest be dealt with by other forces in the 'Verse.

I am thankful that I have great friends here in VA, specifically [ profile] dexlira , her husband [ profile] chyronjay , and Dex's sis, KT (who doesn't LJ, I don't think). They're my "other family" (without creepy button eyes) and I'm grateful every day for getting to know Dex.

I am thankful for Dex's & my growing business, FETCH! Pet Care of Herndon, especially our fantastic staff and the other owners in the DC area. We now have 9 franchises out here, and are a force to be reckoned with! We've done great things this year, and I'm sure we'll do even better in coming years. We don't always agree, but it's good having different perspectives, and we have a common goal: business growth & success.

We also have some good contacts with other owners, but since they are spread across the country, we don't interact with them as much. Christie in MN though is one of the closest, because she was in our training class, so we compare growth & share marketing ideas. There are approximately 280 franchises across the country & they're hoping to expand into Canada soon. Having a franchise, rather than going independent, is the only way I would do this, and my hats are off to those who've made their independent businesses a success. We've met a few through the NOVA Professional Pet Sitters Network, and I love that we're in a business where people are supportive of each other, and watch out for each other. Though NOVAPPS is a much smaller group than FPC, the members are local, so have local experience - some have been here for 20 years!

I am especially thankful for my family. I spent 2 weeks in Indiana visiting my parents, and it was hard to leave, because I miss them so much. I miss my sister & her family in California too, of course, but Kelly & I have had a rocky relationship, and that, plus very divergent interests, makes it difficult to reconnect. She's all about her kids, which is absolutely how it should be, but I don't have kids, and don't want any, so there's only so much to talk about.

I am thankful for the SCA, because even when I wander away for a time, due to work, school, or other interests, it's there, and I have friends in the SCA that I can really count on. I was thrilled to get to attend a Rivenstar event during my trip to Indiana, even though it resulted in me injuring my ankle (the same one I hurt earlier this year), because that's my home group, and no matter how far away I go, Lafayette/Purdue/Rivenstar will always feel like home to me.

I am thankful for my friends in Fabrica Minervae, an A&S/Service household that was started by Fiore, Calendra, & me. Fiore & Calendra have left the SCA to pursue other interests, and we were always the household of procrastination & snark, so much so that our motto is "I need to do that, but not right now," but there are still friends who answered my call to dinner during my recent trip. Some had other commitments, which was a shame, but understandable. I want to grow our household in the coming year, formalize some processes (yes, I love structure), and make the household something to be proud of, a group that other people know about and want to be a part of.

I am thankful for my health. Nuff said.

I am especially thankful for my pets: Roxi, Kapone, Jake & Twitter. They're by my side every day, they make me laugh, give me kisses & purrs when I'm sad, and inspired Dex & me to open FPC of Herndon.
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