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Kass, who makes fantastic patterns at Reconstructing History & is a delight to read on LJ, fosters an adorable greyhound, Preston. Preston has been quite ill, and while the Greyhound Rescue covers the vet bills, their budget is getting stretched, so Kass asked people to donate if they could.

Also, I got the word via Facebook that a pit bull, Trooper, was found severely injured in a trash dump. He's being taken care of by the Washington Humane Society, which runs on a shoestring budget.

In other news, Fetch! Pet Care of Herndon is starting to get some business. Roxi & I have met several of the local dogs & their owners, [ profile] jen  & I have met the office staffs of local vets and the general managers of the 2 Petco stores in our area, and we discovered that [ profile] we & I live just a few blocks from Bark & Bubbles (a we-wash or you-wash dog spa) and Wagn4U (a pet safety/emergency service that develops first aid supplies and teaches first aid/cpr for pets). We're definitely interested in partnering with both of them in the future.

Okay, off to fix lunch, then walk Roxi.

Date: 2009-08-19 12:12 pm (UTC)
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I'm glad to know your business is taking off, yay! Wish you guys were up here so I could use your services, but I'm hoping to persuade our casual dogsitter to look into a franchise - I'd feel better if he were part of the Fetch! network, thanks to you.


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